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2013-02-09 03:42 am


Dear Diary,

I had another dream about Maes last night. I still think I miss him. He had his arm around my shoulder, but like a father. Sorta disappointing. Sure, he had the brains and personality of a lobotomized gorilla, but he was a fine man. Oh, he looked very, very fine~~~

Speaking of fine, I wonder if Iron would ever be interested in a guy like me. She might not be a bad candidate if I could catch her eye... She’d probably call me a kid, though. But man, I’d like...


Anyway. That dream was the last one I had before waking up this morning. I set my alarm an hour earlier today, and it was a good idea. I’m often one of the first ones up, but there was something comforting about going to bed with the coming of darkness and getting up to see it’s still there. No light but the feeble little specks of stars out there. No one was there to bug me while I watched the sun come up. I love sunrises, they’re beautiful, like the start of a violent, explosive battle. Full of reds and yellows. There was an anvil-head storm cloud on the horizon that the sun caught just right. It looked just like a mushroom cloud. I’d like to see one of those, too, someday.

Well, from a safe distance. A very safe distance.

Okay, maybe not see one, but maybe cause one. On the other side of the planet. With me safe at home sipping some warm mocha.

Mocha sounds good, too, right now. Maybe with marshmallows. And a good book. I’ve been reading a book called, “Overcoming Fears: Let that Shining Armor Shine.” I’m trying to figure out how to deal with Sora. I have to hide the book from him, though, in case he goes through my stuff again. I’m so glad I made false bottoms to several of the drawers in the library. It’s useful to hide you, Diary.

I’m tired of having him boss me around all the time. I’m tired of the bruises and the yelling and scuffed clothing. He treats me like trash. His personal servant. I’m supposed to read his mind half the time. My best is never enough. He hurts my body. My pride. My feelings.

What I’d give to make him know that make him know that pain. Pain on every level. I want to get him back for every terrible thing he’s done to me, and then some. He needs to pay!

But I’m not strong. In any way. I’ve tried exercising, but I just can’t seem to put on muscle, and Sora has me running around so much I don’t really have time to, anyway. He’d beat me up in a second. I’m a mage, not a fighter! What I’d give to be able to use a good Ultima right now.

But they say revenge is a dish best served cold...

It's time to give Giggles her serum. She's the cutest glow-in-the-dark eel hamster you've ever seen. I should take a picture to put in you, Diary.

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2013-02-05 12:02 am
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(Mirror-Verse Event on iJAG)

Mirror Riku:

Mirrored Riku led a much different kind of life, and as such, though he is still tall for his age, he’s comparatively thin and somewhat bony in comparison to his normal, more muscular self. His features are softer and his mannerisms more graceful. His hair is kept very long, reaching the lower portions of his back. His bangs are brushed to one side, covering his right eye, and he tends to wear black, form-fitting clothing with red accents.

It should be noted his eyes are yellow.

While Riku normally would be considered sincere and brave with the desire to protect those he cares about, Mirrored Riku is a selfish coward who puts up a courageous facade. In any given situation, he will swagger, pretending to be confident. However, at the first sign that things will go poorly, he will turn tail and run. He can be intimidated and coerced. Mirrored Riku lacks curiosity, and is only driven by greed or fear. Personal gain can be used to persuade him, but he’s not stupid, though. Trusting him may not be wise, either...

In his past, Xehanort primarily failed in his missions, but a portion still left in Riku manifests in his eyes. It is said that the Seeker of Light may have some hold on Riku, though that has never been seen on Deep 13.
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2011-11-15 01:58 am
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[Voice] Looking for Patterns

If anyone's up for it, how about some show and tell about the nightmares? ...I'll share mine on the board if anyone's interested in sharing theirs. Maybe there's a connection.
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2011-07-17 01:16 am

[Voice] Anyone else in the Pridelands?

[There is a photo snapped by the journal inserted with the voice message. It's of a light-colored young lion with a silver, nearly-full mane. his snout is very close to the lens, and it's slightly fogged.]

[Grumbles] I lose my potions, food, water, munny, minor camping equipment, clothes... And I still have this thing?

Hey, if anyone else is here or has been, Mao and I managed to wind up here. Anyplace that hasn't been explored yet?
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2011-04-25 11:30 pm
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Mao [Completely public! Because Riku doesn't care.]

Hey. Let me guess. You did the graffiti?
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2010-09-06 01:55 am

Finders Keepers [Private, Very Hard, see entry.]

[Locked to Sora, (And any Kairi), Namine, Suki, Timon, Toph, Woody, Luke, Lightning, Aerith, Neirenn, Lei’ella, Belldandy (and Urd by default)... And Vyers. Yes, Vyers, hesitantly.]

A certain flowery Nobody left me a present. I'm pretty sure it was him. I have a page of some random report. Interesting reading.

Looked on the members board and dug up that there are other pages. Anyone know someone named Natalia? Or does anyone know anything about other pages?
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2010-09-05 10:46 pm

Sora, you need to look at this. [Private, VERY HARD, locked to Sora.]

I got a present and it's not even my birthday.

A guy stepped out of a Dark Corridor and littered right in front of me. Thing is, it looks like a part of a report, like Ansem's. Whoever wrote this was obviously a Nobody. But where there's one page, there's more. You ever hear of any reports around here?
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2010-08-30 03:02 am

Where are we, anyway?

Something hit me. Sure, we're in Castle Oblivion. But what floor? The basement floors can look the same as the ones upstairs.

Are we heading to the exit or to someone who's waiting for us?
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2010-02-25 03:44 am

The Exploration Party

[[OOC: Viewable only to those who have posted in THIS entry, though Riku would update the privacy setting should anyone else care to join. Also, this post is fairly early in the day. By Riku's standards at least.]]

Day after tomorrow we're doing this. I'm going to meet up with you guys before to tell you where and when exactly.

I need to know where you live or where we can meet.

Remember to bring some supplies, but keep them to the basics. We can't afford to bring a lot of food, so eat beforehand.
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2010-02-10 09:37 pm
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Heads up [Edit: LOCKED, HARD]

For anyone who said they would checking out Halloweentown and Christmastown, I'll be contacting you soon.

...I promise not to spend too much time at the Islands.


With this many people going, I'm going to try to lock this. Not sure how well this'll work.
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2010-01-14 03:08 pm

So where now?

Descriptions I'm hearing about some new place sounds a lot like Halloweentown. Or at least dark, creepy and twisted architecture and spooky Heartless sure fit the bill. The other place I'm not familiar with, though. Definitely new since I was last here.

Only seen snow a few times in my life.

Anyone who needs some pointers getting around Halloweentown, come to me.
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2009-12-27 12:17 am

Looking for Someone

Might as well post this here, too.

I'm looking for a guy named Sora. We both left the beach at the same time, so in theory we should both be here.

He's about 15, brown spiky hair and a mostly black outfit. He's about as cheery as the yellow on his shoes. And no, that's not too much of an exaggeration.

I need any information anyone can give.